100,000 views WebCam Facepainter 1.0!

2009-01-26 22:40:22 by TonioMiguel

After 2 1/2 years my the original and still rather popular webcam fscepaint hits 100,000 views. I know it's not an epic number of views but considering how simple a program it was to create I am happy it has been loved by many and hated by few.

It is a rather simple combination of the webcam tutorials and the drawing methods taught by Friends of ED Actionscript Animation.

Problems. Everyone complains about the light colors. Sorry guys but you are really coloring behind your face. In order to see your face and the drawing the color will appear light. I would be happy to work with someone to put the drawing layer ontop of the webcam image because it would in fact allow you to color.

Eraser. This would require putting no color back on the the drawing layer which I am also clueless how to do.

Snapshot option is part of 2.0.

I would love to hear any additions to the next version which I will call 3.0. I would also love to work with anyone who have ideas and actionscript experience to rebuild it better than it was before. Just like Depredation you will receive credit.

To all those who have loved my toy and still have fun showing it off to their friends thank you greatly. I love the Newgrounds community.

Tom thank you for putting both of my babies in the Webcam Collection.

Peace out Anthony M. Weed
AKA TonioMiguel

100,000 views WebCam Facepainter 1.0!